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Glamping in the National Parks of the West

Episode Summary

Learn about the beautiful places and accommodations to enjoy glamping in some of our nation's national parks!

Episode Notes

One thing I love about travel is the opportunity to look forward to and dream about something great in the future. How does glamping (glamorous camping) near national parks sound for this next summer? Kind of like a dream come true? 

For those who love to camp but aren't as crazy about planning and packing for the experience, glamping (glamorous camping) is a great option! There are lots of different types of glamping out there but in this podcast episode, I'm talking about glamping near some of the great National Parks of the American west including Moab, Grand Canyon, Glacier, and others.  

(To learn more about glamping, read my post about it here:

Locations are carefully chosen for beautiful views, remote nature, and proximity to national parks, monuments, and recreational areas. Forget five-star hotels - these are BILLION-star accommodations! Imagine marveling at the night sky as you stay comfortably. You can pay extra for meals, bring your own food to cook, or simply drive to a charming nearby town for eateries.

Listen to see if a summer glamping trip is for you and let's get started planning!  As your wellness travel experts, we take care of all of the planning, research, and arrangements, so that you can focus on the important part: creating memories and changing your life, one travel experience at a time.

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