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Just back from the Riviera Maya: Cheryce shares her experience!

Episode Summary

In this fun episode, I talk to my friend and client Cheryce about her family's recent vacation south of Cancun to the Riviera Maya. They traveled with 15 people total, two families, over Thanksgiving! It's such a treat to hear her takeaways and experiences.

Episode Notes

Cheryce stayed at the Ocean Riviera Paradise for 7 nights. This beautiful all-inclusive resort is located right on the beautiful beaches south of Cancun. It boasts spectacular swimming pools, beautiful rooms with a variety of locations based on preferences and the makeup of your group, a wide range of cuisine, a Despacio Spa Centre, Privilege, Exclusive Rooms and Services, a Dive It! diving center and a great choice of entertainment for the whole family.

Here she shares her experiences with airport travel and flights, the transportation to the resort, and the activities, restaurants, and amenities that they enjoyed during their stay.