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Mama, Mia Here We Go Again (Traveling)! Take a Chance on Greece!

Episode Notes

 As the stunning backdrop for the hit musical-made-into-movie, Mama, Mia, Greece is a wonderfully scripted scene for your next adventure! The cradle of western civilization also boasts some of Europe's most beautiful beaches and historic cliffside towns. Find out which ones you don't want to miss!

Greece is currently open to tourists  with only a few modifications due to Covid. In this episode, I talk about the Covid precautions required to visit Greece, but more importantly, I highlight an amazing  eight-day itinerary that allows you to see the top historical destinations in Athens before being whisked away to the unbelievably gorgeous filming spots for Mama Mia!,  Skiathos and Skopelos.  

Are you ready to take a chance on Greece? 

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