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Wellness Review: Le Monastere des Augustines

Episode Summary

Le Monastère des Augustines is a beautiful getaway located in Old Quebec City. It is a peaceful oasis great for solo travelers and groups alike! Learn more about this historic property in this episode of the Suite Dreams Wellness Travel podcast.

Episode Notes

Join Barbara as she recaps her journey to Le Monastère des Augustines, located in Quebec, Canada! This heritage haven of health and wellness provides an unforgettable stay on the site of the continent’s first hospital north of Mexico. Perfect for yoga retreats, group stays or individual reflection, Le Monastere offers your choice of restored authentic rooms, or redesigned modern rooms. 

Le Monastère offers wellness tourists a unique experience in holistic health, along with a rare opportunity to connect directly with the Augustinian Sisters’ remarkable heritage. All activities and experiences at Le Monastere are done with the intent to preserve the heritage of the original monastery. 

Wellness travelers can choose from time-honored and modern forms of healing including healthy meals, many different spa treatments and massages, personal wellness consultations, and private movement and relaxation classes. 

At Le Monastère, you can opt for an all-inclusive type of package, or stay a la carte and add activities on as you go. Within the all-inclusive package, there are many ways to customize your stay to be exactly what you need and want. My stay was all-inclusive, so all of my meals and many activities were included. The resort has an on-site restaurant that focuses on local, farm-fresh produce and products; they can adapt to any dietary restriction.

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