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What's the Big Deal About River Cruising?

Episode Summary

What's the big deal about river cruising? In a word: EVERYTHING. The amazing food, new destinations every day, incredible excursions, and more. My husband and I just returned from an AmaWaterways European cruise and in this episode, I'll give you all the wonderful details!

Episode Notes

Most people are  at least aware of ocean cruising, but river cruising may not be as familiar. So, what's the big deal about river cruising? In this episode, I talk about the differences between the two, highlighting the many benefits and I touch on my own recent experience sailing in Europe with AmaWaterways.

Cruising the Rhine river with AmaWaterways is such an enchanting experience and extremely personalized, as you sail to famous towns and hidden gems where the locals are friendly, the sites are spectacular and the food is amazing.  

We saw castles, cathedrals, villages, and beautiful countryside while learning about the history and personality of these amazing places from knowledgeable guides. Shore excursions every day were matched to our interests and fitness level; the only challenge was choosing which excursion to go on! 

Aboard AmaWaterways we were confident as they navigated not only the waters, but the ever-changing Covid rules in all the countries we sailed through, making traveling Europe a breeze. 

Listen to the full episode to find out more about what river cruising is all about, how it compares to ocean cruising, and what to expect when you go on an AmaWaterways cruise. 

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