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You Might Be a Wellness Traveler If...You Love Your Sleep!

Episode Summary

Enjoy a roundup of the best hotel pillows and mattresses so you can get the best sleep during your next vacation

Episode Notes

Wellness starts with a good night's sleep, especially on vacation. Maybe you've experienced a holiday where you've booked a nice hotel in a relaxing place, only to toss and turn all night on an uncomfortable bed! 

Sleep can make all the difference between feeling exhausted vs. excited to explore your destination. More and more hotels are specializing their sleep services, offering pillow menus and mattress topper choices, because they know your sleep can make or break your stay. In this episode, I talk about the very best hotel pillows and mattresses so you know where to get the best sleep while on vacation.

Booking a trip soon and want to ensure a great night's sleep? Let me help! As your wellness travel experts, we take care of all of the planning, research, and arrangements, so that you can focus on the important part: creating memories and changing your life, one travel experience at a time.

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